Alaska Whitewater Rafting

Alaska white water rafting is like none other. There are many reasons why the adventurous migrate north to do Alaska rafting, if only once in a lifetime. Rafting in Alaska is remote, exciting and historic.

Alaska offers wilderness white water rafting trips

Most Alaska rafting trips are located in isolated areas, accessible only by small charter airplane or helicopters. These rivers give you the experience of seeing pristine nature the way it's supposed to be. Lucky Alaskan rafters have the rare opportunity to see wild life up close as they float past Alaska's amazing glaciers.

Alaskan rafting is one of the best recreational buys around dollar for dollar. There are full-fledged extreme Alaskan rafting trips for the seasoned experts and those with more advanced skills. There are scenic floating trips and also bear observing safaris that last a full day. Some rafting trips can be as little as 3-4 hrs, while others may be booked for a continuous week or two.

Even a first-timer can experience the more advanced Alaska rafting runs. Because of the high level of professionalism and first hand experience among the Alaska's river guides and rafting outfitters, prior rafting experience is not always a qualifier before you can enjoy Alaskan rafting. They always put your safety first.

Alaskan rafting is historic

The early settlers during the turn of the century of Alaska used the rivers as a means of transportation since there were few roads. Many were trying to make it upstream to seek their fortune by prospecting gold, to fish and hunt or to simply seek out a richer and more rewarding life. Of course today's rafts are made from advanced materials and not the hand-hewn log rafts of yesterday, but it is easy to relate to the early pioneers of yesterday when you are on an Alaskan whitewater rafting trip.

There are over 3,000 rivers in Alaska, 42 of which are part of the National Wild and Scenic River System. Each individual river or stream may qualify for 3 classifications: wild, scenic, and recreational. There are 446 river runs available for Alaskan rafting.

The Tatshsenshini River is the most famous, if not the most popular of the Alaska Wilderness Rivers for Alaskan rafting. It swells from a small stream to a huge river where it converges with the Alsek. It also joins with 4 sensational mountain ranges and an abundance of glaciers to form Alaska's most amazing and spectacular river confluence.

The Alsek River flows fiercely from Canada's Yukon Territories to the Alaska coast just north of Glacier Bay. This area is home to the world's highest coastal mountains. Alaskan rafters drift past hundreds of icebergs while also floating past stunning scenery and amazing wildlife. This adventure has it all.

The Kongakut River is about wildlife. The highlight of this Alaska white water rafting trip could possibly be the side excursions of hiking and observing the annual spring migration of Porcupine Carribou herd along the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The Chilkat River is domicile to the largest concentration of Bald Eagles in the entire world. The guides are not only expert rafters but they are naturalists as well. They will assist you in deepening your understanding of the special beauty of the Chilkat River and the Bald Eagle preserve. A Chilkat River rafting trip can be enjoyed by anyone over seven years old.

Summertime weather for Alaskan rafting is usually mild and pleasant but can also be unpredictable. Your outfitter will inform you what to bring for comfort. Among the most important items to bring will be your camera and journal for recording this marvelous Alaskan whitewater rafting trip of a lifetime.

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