California whitewater rafting is a little bit different on the Kings River. The season on the River is sometimes so short that Sierra-dwellers can almost blink and miss the transition from winter to spring. This is due to the fact that the Kings River is fed by the melting run off of winter snowcaps high in the Sierra Mountains. Since we seemed to be locked into winters becoming warmer and warmer, the rafting season on the Kings River has been short in the last few years.

Mid-April is the season for exciting springtime rafting on the Kings River

California whitewater rafting enthusiasts and trek to the Kings River during mid April when the River and waterfalls are gushing and the Kings River is at it's mightiest. The mind set for the expert rafter is," break out your gear right now or you will miss the season."

Summer is the best season for children, beginners and
family rafting on the King River

In a good year, the season runs April through August. The River calms down mid-summer (July and August) making this the favorite time for families and children as young as 8 to enjoy whitewater rafting on the Kings River. The Kings River begins high in the Southern Sierra Mountains. It flows western bound through the spectacular Kings Canyon National Park and forms the division between the Sequoia National Forests and the Sierra Mountains. Rafting areas on the Kings River are located about a one hour drive east of Fresno in south central California and a 4.5 drive from Southern California and Los Angeles. Areas of difficulty throughout the river vary from Class II, III and IV depending upon the month of the year and the amount of snow fall in the mountains the previous winter. The one-day rafting trip originates at Garnet Dyke and ends 10 miles down the King at Kirch Flat. Paddle raft and oar raft and inflatable kayaks are available on the Kings River, depending upon water level, during the whitewater season.

Things to do and see in the Kings River area in California

The river takes rafters through Kings Canyon National Park, which has spectacular granite walls with unusual shapes and colors to view. The Park has giant sequoias, mountain wilderness, and deep canyons. The highest canyon wall located in the U.S. rises a sheer 2545 m (8350 ft) from the South Fork of the Kings R. in the park. Nearby are glacial lakes, virgin forests, and alpine meadows. There also dude ranches, horseback riding, water sports and a wide range of activities from fishing to theater and even creative writing. However, the highlight of the Kings River is definitely the rafting trips provided by the skilled California rafting outfitters.

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