California whitewater rafting is a little bit different on the Kings River. The season on the River is sometimes so short that Sierra-dwellers can almost blink and miss the transition from winter to spring. This is due to the fact that the Kings River is fed by the melting run off of winter snowcaps high in the Sierra Mountains. Since we seemed to be locked into winters becoming warmer and warmer, the rafting season on the Kings River has been short in the last few years.

Mid-April is the season for exciting springtime rafting on the Kings River

California whitewater rafting enthusiasts and trek to the Kings River during mid April when the River and waterfalls are gushing and the Kings River is at it's mightiest. The mind set for the expert rafter is," break out your gear right now or you will miss the season."

Summer is the best season for children, beginners and
family rafting on the King River

In a good year, the season runs April through August. The River calms down mid-summer (July and August) making this the favorite time for families and children as young as 8 to enjoy whitewater rafting on the Kings River. The Kings River begins high in the Southern Sierra Mountains. It flows western bound through the spectacular Kings Canyon National Park and forms the division between the Sequoia National Forests and the Sierra Mountains. Rafting areas on the Kings River are located about a one hour drive east of Fresno in south central California and a 4.5 drive from Southern California and Los Angeles. Areas of difficulty throughout the river vary from Class II, III and IV depending upon the month of the year and the amount of snow fall in the mountains the previous winter. The one-day rafting trip originates at Garnet Dyke and ends 10 miles down the King at Kirch Flat. Paddle raft and oar raft and inflatable kayaks are available on the Kings River, depending upon water level, during the whitewater season.

Things to do and see in the Kings River area in California

The river takes rafters through Kings Canyon National Park, which has spectacular granite walls with unusual shapes and colors to view. The Park has giant sequoias, mountain wilderness, and deep canyons. The highest canyon wall located in the U.S. rises a sheer 2545 m (8350 ft) from the South Fork of the Kings R. in the park. Nearby are glacial lakes, virgin forests, and alpine meadows. There also dude ranches, horseback riding, water sports and a wide range of activities from fishing to theater and even creative writing. However, the highlight of the Kings River is definitely the rafting trips provided by the skilled California rafting outfitters.

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About W.E.T. River Trips

In 1978, a couple of school teachers in the Sacramento, California area had an idea for creating a rafting program for at-risk high school students. Steve & Rich created W.E.T. for the sole purpose of offering whitewater rafting trips for students in their school district. The first few trips proved so successful that the two partners opened their doors to the general, local population. From that day, W.E.T. River Trips was born. Diverse populations and ages from all parts of the world now join W.E.T. for one day rafting trips to multiple days on the river.

Visit our website for more information on California whitewater rafting trips. Main offerings for river rafting packages include American River Rafting, Klamath River Rafting, California Rafting Trips and our new features on Teen Rafting. Our site has descriptions of the different rivers that we currently run, information on the local river areas, lodging, rafting and vacation packages, family rafting trips, group rafting trips, discounts, teen rafting trips, funny rafting stories, rafting photos, rafting contest, and links to whitewater rafting sites.

In California, all your river rafting needs will be met on the site. Choose the rafting trip that will suit your friends, family, company outing or your rafting event. Call W.E.T. River Trips toll free at 1.888.723.8938 for more information on our whitewater river rafting trips.

American River Rafting Trips
Our most popular runs on the American River Rafting trips occur from mid-March through September. These three forks of the American River include the most popular river in the West, the South Fork American; the infamous Middle Fork American Tunnel Chute run; and the advanced springtime runs on the Class 4 North Fork American. From novice to advanced river rafting, the American River system satisfys all whitewater rafting needs!

Cal Salmon Rafting Trips
The California Salmon River is our extreme best. Pulsing with the spring snow melt, the river is clean, clear, swift and powerful. The steep canyon is overhung with verdant foliage and punctuated by small waterfalls and sidestreams in counterpoint to rapids llike Freight Train, Cascade, the Maze, the Fin and Achilles Heels. The Salmon is now a member of the Wild and Scenic River System and freely flows from the Salmon-Trinity Primitive Area into the Klamath River. We sometimes finish a trip by floating into the Klamath and running the Class IV "Ikes" section above Orleans.

Klamath River Rafting Trips
The Klamath River offers a unique wilderness opportunity to float the longest undammed river in California. The river is interspersed with Class II - III rapids combined with outstanding side-hikes & fishing all under the Pacific flyway: home to every migratory bird in North America. Also, you may encounter elk, deer, bear and river otters. From two days to six days, this multiple day rafting package is most popular with the Boy Scouts of America and their whitewater and 50-miler merit badge programs. We also offer sit-on-top kayaks, inflatable kayaks along with our regular paddle boats and oar boats.

California Rafting TripsCalifornia Rafting Trips
California's diverse rivers include a myriad of rafting opportunities. From Class I to Class V, river rafters from all over the United States and the world head to California for different river experiences. W.E.T. River Trips offers the most popular rivers in the Western United States. Our listings also include our partnerships with other rafting companies throughout Southern, Northern California and other rivers throughout the western United States.

Group Rafting Trips
W.E.T. River Trips suggests that most groups stay with the South Fork American or the Middle Fork American. Both runs are available to larger groups and corporate outings. These two river rafting trips offer introductory to intermediate rapids. Both rivers can be combined for multiple day packages. Corporate groups should contact our office directly for customized programs. Group offerings include corporate trips, bachelor parties, family reunions, company picnics, teen programs, bachelor parties and other types of events.

Teen Rafting Trips
W.E.T. rafting trips have so many return guests that we are now taking their children, teens and even grandchildren down the river with us! Our new teen programs allow parents to combine their vacations near the rivers with a rafting trip just for their teens. Many teens come on their birthdays along with their teen friends. The South Fork American is an ideal river for this package. Liz, our teen rafting consultant, writes stories and offers sage teen advice for teen rafters. Rafting Teens from ages 12 - 17 years old end our trips with a sense of accomplishment unmatched by other teen activities.

Family Rafting Trips
W.E.T. rafting trips have always included families. This is where the rafting education begins! Private beaches for the wilderness enthusiast offers camping for the family unmatched by any other bonding experience. We recommend the two day wilderness trips on the South Fork or Middle Fork American. Minimum ages for the family rafting trips are 8 years old in the paddle boats during regular flows or 6 years old in the oarboats. During Spring's high flows, the minimum age may be 12 years old.

Spring Whitewater Rafting Trips
During Spring's high water, our more advanced river rafting runs are geared for the experienced, aggressive rafter. A Northern California favorite is the North Fork American Chamberlain Falls run. This exciting, beautiful river is just outside of Sacramento in the foothills near Auburn. Class IV - IV+ rapids challenge the most experience rafter. Also, in the far upper reaches of California, lies a crystal clear California Salmon River. Class V rapids are interspersed with supreme scenery, excellent water quality and very difficult rapids. Watch out for Freight Train, a mile long Class V rapid! Most spring trips occur from mid-March through mid-June.