Kennebec River Rafting

Famous for its remote wilderness setting, BIG rollercoaster waves and summer long flows, the Kennebec is easily the most popular river in the Northeast.

From its source at Moosehead Lake, the river carves its way through a deep, rock-walled gorge on a breathtaking 12 mile journey to The Forks. Class IV rapids such as the Rock Garden, Three Sisters, the Alleyway, and Magic Falls will keep your adrenaline in high gear, but there is also plenty of opportunity to just kick back and enjoy the spectacular North Woods scenery.

Guests may elect to run either the full 12 mile trip, or just the lower 7 miles which is gentler and suitable for younger children or older adults. Some companies also run "oar rigs" for younger children or older guests. Minimum age is 8 years old. Kennebec River rafting trips are scheduled daily from early May to early October.

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