The Fraser River is one of the great rivers of the world. From humble beginnings as a tiny trickle in the Rocky Mountains, the river stretches 820 miles and drains 1/4 of British Columbia.

When still 100 miles from the Pacific Ocean it can flow at almost 500,000 cubic feet per second during spring freshet, carrying more water than the Mississippi River. In 1998 the Fraser was designated a National Heritage River.

Although 200 miles of the river is rafted every year, the most common stretch is between the confluence of the Thompson at Lytton BC and Yale BC, a distance of 60 miles. Large motorized rafts with outriggers attached are the only craft that run this monstrous river.

Geologically the Fraser Canyon dates from 20 million years ago. Slicing through the heart of British Columbia, the Fraser is rich in native and early explorer history. It is vital to fish and wildlife; it is the lifeblood of British Columbia.

Since Simon Fraser's first descent of the river in June 1808, only a few thousand people have rafted the river that now bears his name.

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