Copper River Rafting

Some of the most desirable whitewater rafting in Alaska can be found on the Copper River due to the amazing scenic and wildlife attractions to be found along the way. The relaxing float trip is usually six days in length and is suited for those that want to combine Alaskan whitewater with spectacular vistas.

    Copper River rafting in Alaska offers many things:

  • Hanging riverside glaciers with spectacular views
  • Huge snow capped mountains
  • Sparkling, pristine streams
  • Mild whitewater
  • Wildlife including seals, wolf, grizzlies and moose

The river rafting trip is on Alaska's fourth largest river and travels from the interior through the Chugach range to Cordova on the coast of Prince William Sound.

Alaskan Rafting on the Copper River is filled with Salmon

More than three-quarters of Alaska's freshwater is held in glaciers, and most of its major rivers spring from them, including the Copper River, where the salmon are marathoners, strong from the 300-mile swim to their spawning grounds.

The Copper River also carries blocks of ice that have split from the Miles and Childs downstream to the Gulf of Alaska. The Copper River flows between the two glaciers, undercutting them and causing icebergs to break off - sometimes hunks the size of houses. Crashing into the river, they can create waves so huge they've been known to hurl salmon into nearby treetops.

What to expect when Alaskan whitewater rafting on the Copper River

There are stretches of the Copper River that are for relaxing and stretches that are class lll and lV. There aren't too many hotels nearby so pack your camp stove. Camping is available along the Copper River. Summertime temperature averages around 60 degrees while dropping to 40 degrees at night. June is the driest month and September has the most rain.

The Copper River changes one's measure of magnificence and immensity. By every adjective, superlative or other description--all of them seem inadequate to describe the rafting experience on the Copper River. Alaskan whitewater rafting on the Copper River will leave you wanting to come back for more.

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