Cheat River Rafting

The Cheat drainage is the largest uncontrolled watershed in the Eastern U.S. The canyon (which was remodeled by the flood of 1985) drops an impressive 30 feet per mile, and carries you over 25 big fun rapids! Ten of these rapids will really make your jaws drop. Mostly a pool drop river when we have high water it really moves along with big waves pushing you through the pools.

High water is when the gauge at Albright is above 3.5 ft. and the river is running Class III-V. At high water the Cheat makes you feel like you are on a bucking bronco. This is one of the underused whitewater gems of West Virginia.

The Cheat Narrows is a great family or first timers trip with lots of small rapids and several big wave trains for that roller coaster ride. It is where the river starts to pickup steam before heading into the Canyon. This trip can be done all summer long and is a class 1-2 with a couple of class 3's In higher water it is a big wave ride taking on a more class 2-4 nature.

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