When it comes to whitewater rafting in British Columbia, not all rivers are created equal. Some are simply more challenging, more intriguing and more inspiring than others. If variety is what you are seeking then most any Whitewater river in British Columbia will fill the bill. Of course some rivers are more challenging than others and are located in more convenient locations, but all whitewater rivers in western Canada have the “thigh slapper” factor.

The white water rafting rivers of British Columbia are located in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains which are often referred to as the Alps of North America. Be prepared to be wowed by mammoth trees, luxuriant understory, profuse wildflowers, plunging gorges, and rocky escarpments. You will also be deeply moved by sacred, ancient forests, and find a combination of thrills and solitude in the strength of the River.

The Primary Whitewater Rafting Rivers of British Columbia

The Chilliwack River provides 4/12 hours of steady whitewater rafting for a continuous 12 mile stretch. The Chilliwack River is the one of the best and closest white water rafting rivers for Vancouver rafting enthusiasts. A difficult whitewater section of the Chilliwack is used as a training site and race course for Canada's national kayak team. The Chilliwack River is rated a Class II - IV for whitewater rafters.

The Kicking Horse River is located in the beautiful Canadian Rockies of southeastern British Columbia. The River starts in the Waputik Icefield of the Yoho National Park and then flows past the town of Golden and finally reaches the Columbia River.

Thompson River- is a tributary to the Fraser River. The North Thompson is a striking blue-green river, twisting through heavy forest of Cedar, Fir and Spruce. There are some sections of whitewater, but the majority of the North Thompson is surprisingly tame allowing for some excellent floats and drifts. Dolly Varden and Chinook salmon and are abundant in this area of the River and make for a good fishing break while rafting.

Fraser River the largest river in British Columbia

Rafting on the Fraser River feature big waves, warm water and a desert-like climate. This whitewater river begins in Mount Robson Provincial Park, in the shadow of the highest mountain in the Rockies. Its flow ends in the city of Vancouver and then merges with the Pacific Ocean among vast wetlands. The Fraser River is internationally recognized as an important nesting and staging area for waterfowl and shorebirds. Its whitewater rapids and canyons, once cursed by Simon Fraser, the first European to travel its tumultuous waters, are now favorites with whitewater rapid enthusiasts worldwide.

The wild life and beautiful scenery in British Columbia is a side perk for anyone who wishes to go whitewater rafting in British Columbia. Campgrounds for rafters are almost resorts where guides and campground officials cook for you while you play.

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